Why Email Marketing Automation Is Kinda Like Dating

When a customer comes to your website and shares their email address, a customer is essentially anchoring their faith in your company. They are giving you access to their private information in anticipation that you will add something valuable to them over time. You need passion and loyalty to get that customer just as if you want to know a potential spouse. Interestingly, you don’t earn it instantly but over time. 

In a similar fashion to a personal relationship, there are important steps required if you want to achieve complete commitment in such a relationship. The introduction sets the pace for the relationship, which is followed by the first date where the real interest is assessed. Finally, interest is piqued with expectations established. With this, it depends on you to demonstrate your value using a personalized message that is applicable to your customer. Most owners of small businesses shy from email marketing and marketing automation because of their lack of understanding. Email marking is similar to dating; you will see the correlation at the end of this article.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

We don’t want to assume that everyone knows what email marketing automation is all about. Email marketing automation is the capacity to send timed emails to subscribers or customers with important information. It is very useful for different marketing purposes whether you want to help new leads, send a personal message, birthday greetings, or automated blog updates. Email marketing automation makes email marketing personalized, efficient, and relevant.

For instance, email automation can be used to automatically onboard new customers while explaining your product features in order for users to get a better experience of the product. 

Why Email Marketing Automation Is Kinda Like Dating

Have you observed that both the sales process and marketing is similar to our daily life? There isn’t any perfect way of explaining this similarity other than using the process of dating. Are you surprised? Well, if you understand the process, you will get more emails than you have ever done since you began. When you encounter a new person, the first logical thing to do is to introduce yourself. Then you get their information to set up data and if that relationship is nurtured, it grows to become a new family. Email marketing works in like fashion. So what are the steps to perfecting your email marketing?


Every marketing is a tête-à-tête. The popularity of social media has shown that customers value and want communication to take place with them rather than with them. Although customers may decide to like or follow people on social media, they give you a greater opportunity when they opt into your email program. In this situation, they are giving you access to their daily personal habit, which in no situation should be taken lightly. Contrasting to billboards or radio broadcasts, customers prefer email because they decide on what they are subscribing to. 

For instance, marketing is similar to meeting a person for the first time. There is nothing as awkward as having someone say exactly what he or she says to his or her neighbor. Using the same generic lines on different prospects and anticipating getting something like it doesn’t work. For your business, rather than using a convenient generic line, send personalized emails. Demonstrate a sincere interest in your prospective customers by listening to what they have an interest in while offering similar product suggestions. Therefore, send emails using customized subject lines, greetings, and content at the specific time your customers want it. With this effort, you can win your first date with your customer.

The First Date – Do what your customer expects

The goal of this stage is to meet the expectations of the customers. Customers like tailored offers and this they share continuously. They want to be updated on new recommendations that will solve their problems, needs, or wants. The primary reason why customers opt into your email programs is for you to meet their expectation and exceed it. Therefore, every customer email must be seen as permission to satisfy their needs.

This is akin to the first date. When you accept the first date, it is because you anticipate a mutual connection. You want to communicate with someone you have ascertained to be entertaining and interesting. Everything lies on the first date as it could be just an experience or lead to a long-term relationship. Irrespective of the situation of the first date, a terrible first date normally results from lop-sided interests. 

Each time a customer gives you access to their email, they have accepted your request for a first date. They are anchoring their faith in your company that you both will have similar interests that will spark something special. You need to create that connection that will sustain that faith. For instance, parking a billboard using the wrong product in an email to your customer is a weak attempt to create a connection. 

Long-term Relationship – Get Intimate

Today, most companies segment their customers based on age, gender, purchase history, household composition, etc. However, the technology to drive personalized emails exists but not many companies have taken advantage of it. Grouping customers using a certain piece of data is the minimum way a company can personalize its email to customers. Nevertheless, using complete data to analyze and forecast what customers will appreciate enables you to supersede the expectation of your customers for each email you send.

In dating, it is similar to assume that “all guys” like the same bands, restaurants, and movies. If you decide to tick the boxes and ignore the interest of the person, you are ignorantly destroying your reputation. Taking this step will surely result in the death of the relationship.

To show customers their value and keep them interested in the long term, a company must possess the right resources to customize every individual email. Integrating data translates into customer interaction from simple communication to long-term loyalty. Therefore, a customer who supplies their email has agreed to your first date. Make that first date personal and memorable and your customers will feel you value them. 

Interestingly, you will need a reputable email marketing automation service provider to ensure your first date with your customer translates to a long-term relationship that is cherished. ActiveCampaign is one of the best email marketing automation services that provide quality leads from email marketing. There is so much about email marketing automation that small business owners haven’t related with. Email marketing automation is important as part of any marketing strategy. The interesting thing about email is that they are a cost-effective way of marketing your business. Take advantage of it today.

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