Tony Robbins Top Rules for Success!⁣

⁣- Change Your Mindset – Becoming successful requires a change in your thinking, beliefs and perspective. Tony rules this out as the most important aspect in the start of your journey,⁣
⁣- Raise Your Standards – “You don’t always get what you want, but you always get your standards”. Let this sink in.⁣
⁣- Add Value – Go Above & Beyond – Add value to other people’s lives. To your friends, to your colleague, to your customers, even if that sometimes it’s a simple compliment and showing appreciation.⁣
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⁣- Take Massive Action – because literally nothing else matter. The best way to learn, to make progress, is to take action, experiment, try different things, fail, learn, and finally succeed. Do you agree?⁣
⁣- Love Your Customers – When you’re an entrepreneur, the value of the service you give to your clients is what will determine whether you’ll be a successful entrepreneur or not. Providing great results for your clients is what creates success. ⁣