The Importance Of Tracking Links For Marketing Campaigns

Traditionally, the concept of tracking revolves around using clues to find or follow something. When it comes to marketing, tracking is all about using links and URLs as a way to gain beneficial insights. These links are able to track the results of marketing campaigns, providing essential information about where web traffic is originating, whether or not a promotion is working, and why you are seeing an increase in traffic to your website. When tracking links and URLs, you are given an inside look into your results. With this inside look, you are better able to craft campaigns that reach your target market, create an influx of new leads, and increase your conversions. Here’s everything you need to know about tracking links:

Tracking Links

A tracking link is a unique URL that is used with a specific activity in a marketing campaign. Through this link, users are able to view the data surrounding that activity just by tracking the URL. These links are used to show whether or not the marketing activity is effective. The specific URL for each activity will help you keep track of what works and what doesn’t so that you can more accurately strategize your marketing.

Why You Should Use Tracking Links

Tracking links are an effective way to gather the data of a webpage. This data enables users to understand how their marketing efforts are affecting all of their results. By analyzing the data gathered through tracking links, you will be able to understand the marketing types that are the most effective in reaching your target audience, in order to focus your efforts in those directions. When you use tracking links and create campaigns by using information from the gathered data, you will notice a higher ROI. You will narrow down the marketing activities in each campaign until you have a seamless marketing strategy that only utilizes top activities. The intentional marketing strategies you will be able to craft will be used to reach your target audience, increase your website traffic, gather warm leads, and ensure new customers.

What to Track With Tracking Links

Once the concept of the tracking link is understood, most people begin to wonder what they should be tracking. One common question is whether they should create a unique URL for literally every activity that they implement in their campaign. The most important thing to track is the traffic to your website, eStore, or blog. Any of your marketing activities that include a link to one of these sites will need a unique URL in order to track which activity the visitor came from. For example, if you are running a promotion that links to your website, you’ll want to use a different tracking link for each place that advertises the promotion. If you’re advertising it on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, and through your email newsletter, you’ll need four unique links for each one. Then, when you analyze the data from the campaign, you will be able to tell where the majority of your traffic came from. With this information, your next campaign will be set to include more activity on the platforms that were more lucrative for you. By including numerous tracking links for each campaign, you will collect the information you need to create effective marketing strategies.

More Examples of When to Use Tracking Links

There are endless ways to use tracking links in order to gather the information needed for effective marketing. With so many marketing tools and techniques available these days, it’s essential to understand what works and what doesn’t in order to better utilize your resources and effectively reach the people who are most likely to become your customer. Use tracking links to discover if your ads are bringing traffic to your website, which social media platform is bringing you the most leads, whether your emails are generating traffic or not, if outside attention such as interviews and podcasts are helping you gain visitors, and more.

In Conclusion

The more you use tracking links, the more information you’ll have in order to streamline your marketing campaigns. Spending time and money on activities that don’t convert is a huge waste of your resources, and only serves to move things backward instead of forwards. With tracking links, you will gain the information you need to focus your resources in the right direction. Instead of shooting with a blindfold on, you’ll have your eye on the target when you pull the trigger. You’ll save time, money, and more by streamlining your efforts to understand your strategies’ effectiveness. I highly recommend using Clickmagick for tracking.

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