Should You Hire a Person for Your Marketing Needs or Use Automation

Should You Hire a Person for Your Marketing Needs or Use Automation

Marketing your business effectively requires creativity, skill, and time.

As a small business owner, you have different options of adding something to your business to increase your productivity and get some time back. You may be considering hiring someone for your marketing needs or using automation software. However, with trying to use software means that you also have to deal with technology, which many business owners just don’t have the time to invest into getting it all setup.

If you are considering which option is suitable, there are certain things to put into consideration.

What Are Your Objectives?

Before we begin to consider the options available to you, you may want to first consider your objectives. What do you intend to gain purchasing an automation tool or hiring a person? Take some time to reflect on your objectives before taking the next step.

If you want a fresh perspective and creativity on your work, you may consider hiring a person because they can bring in new skills and ideas to solve your problem. On the other hand, automation tools are deficient in this aspect but have the edge when you want to gain additional lead generation.


One of the biggest benefits of using marketing automation software is the fact it saves time, which allows you to focus on other things. Time is the most valuable asset when using automation tools. For instance, consider the manual process involved in a social media campaign such as planning, publishing, supervising your content and the community. These take a long time but with an effective automation tool, these processes can be off your hands.

How does this contrast to hiring a person? The hiring process, setting up a new team, and waiting for them to start from scratch takes time. While it may alleviate the pressures on the team in a long-term, however, it won’t decrease your workload in a short-term. Nevertheless, if correctly established with the best tools selective for the team, the long-term effect will have an impact in time and can be as effective as automation tools.


Another issue to put into consideration is finance. Automation is expensive and this is a common myth. It is quite expensive when you consider how much using you will lose in the long run by not using automation. Nevertheless, small business owners that want to automate their marketing have different products available to choose as it suits their budget.

An automation tool is helpful in streamlining your business and effective with leads, which will further reduce the cost of hiring a new team.


Finally, in what to consider when in a mix between hiring a person or using automation tool is control. Hiring a person for your marketing needs gives you control. You can even benefit more if your goal is for a solution in a particular campaign as they can tailor the marketing campaign to suit your needs.

Nevertheless, using automation tools doesn’t mean surrendering control. It allows you to control when and where a certain message should go. Additionally, it eradicates human errors because distracted, tired, or over labored workers could post the wrong content at the wrong time. Furthermore, they can get the time zones or set the wrong budget for a particular ad very wrongly.

Why Sales Funnel Automation Is Necessary For Businesses?

sales funnel contains a series of steps that include different stages. Buyers must cover all of these stages before making the final purchase. One of the primary reasons for using sales funnel is to sell your high-priced products that haven’t been sold.

Importantly, using sales funnels for your business has its advantage. The following are ways through which sales funnel can help your small business.

  • Assist leads perform a desirable action
  • Instill passion or a desire to buy through education or information
  • Pique interest in whatever you are offering
  • Create awareness of your product, services, and brands
  • Take leads through the sales funnel until a final purchase is done

Benefits of The Sales Funnel

If you are thinking of attracting and converting customers regularly, then sales funnel is the sure way. Therefore, sales funnels offer numerous benefits to your small business. If you are unaware of the key benefits, the points highlighted below will give you a clearer picture.

  • Sales funnel increases your conversion rate
  • Sales funnel increases your total revenues
  • Sales funnels improve your customer relationship management
  • Sales funnels enable you to attract new visitors
  • Sales funnels enable you to predict your total sales volume

What Does Automation Tools Actually Do?

The advantages and disadvantages of hiring a person for your marketing needs are known. However, using automation marketing comes with numerous myths. The most pernicious is that automation marketing tools take away the spark and creativity from posts. It is essential to know that automation isn’t there to take away the creative sparkle of your team.

Consider the manual processes and time-consuming stages including planning and posting that are invested in social media posts. Remember the creativity comes first before automation comes into play to help with time.

Marketing automation is the way of life for your business. It allows you to create a systematic approach when it comes to your marketing. This enables you to track and monitor your leads.

Get your automated marketing system set up without stress. It allows you to attract new users easily, convert these users into leads, and develop them through your sales funnel. With automation, business owners are seeking ways of taking their marketing to a more scalable and data-driven approach. Why don’t you invest in marketing automation today?


Should you hire a person for your marketing needs or use automation? The question depends on your current position of growth and business objective. The options are not mutually exclusive and both options can benefit you in diverse ways. Irrespective of your final decision, there is a strong debate on automation as a vital aspect of any long-term marketing plan. Take your business to the next level by investing in an automated customer system.

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