My Favorite Strategy For Recruiting Without Speaking To People

Bar none my favorite and most exciting way to drive massive numbers into your business in the least amount of time is the strategy of email newsletter marketing “aka” Solo Ads.

Here are a few tips that will help you get a maximum response from using this form of marketing, pay close attention because this stuff isn’t in any books or courses I’ve seen out there.

It works like this…

There are website owners with email newsletters that cater to every interest imaginable, from gardening to raising poodles, so it only makes sense that there are newsletters out there that serve crowds of individuals wanting to earn a living from home.

Because the crowd who reads these emails newsletters are interested in starting a business and looking forward to receiving more information on starting a business from home they are an extremely responsive crowd to get your message in front of.

The best ad I’ve placed in one of these newsletters brought in some 17 people in a few days while I was away traveling for a month.

I must tell you, there’s no better feeling than coming home from the grind to see 50 new people in your downline while you were gone.

The way that we as marketers can get in front of these folks is to place an ad in one of these publications.

What you might not know is there are several types of ads that you can place in these publications and each type will return a different rate of response.

If you’re anything like me, I know you’re probably wondering what’s the BEST way to get the highest response? If so, listen closely.

I’ve placed every type of ad imaginable in these publications and bar none the best of the bunch is called a “solo ad”. It’s a form of an ad that goes out to the entire subscriber base with no other competing noise.

So right here you can see the advantage of such a type of ad, but here’s a reason why you need to place this sort of an ad above all others that you may not have considered.

If you place any other ad you’re competing with both the content in that newsletter as well as other ads, so to get maximum share voice you want to be the only one there, but the REAL reason why solo ads out pull all others is because you control the subject line of the emailing itself.

That’s where the real power is in placing a solo ad. The reason why is because even if you’ve got a killer ad in the newsletter competing with others that draws in clicks like crazy if that email never gets opened it doesn’t matter one bit.

If you control the subject line of the mailing now you control how many eyeballs actually see the ad which is kingpin here. If they don’t see it they can’t respond, so if you get them to see the ad with a strong subject line that gets them to open the email the lion share of the work is done.

Another thing you might not know about this form of marketing is that your response is NOT so much driven by your call to action as it is by placing your ad in the right newsletter.

You could place a killer ad in a bad newsletter and you response will be low, but you can place a mediocre ad in a killer newsletter and you’re almost assured strong results.

So the key to newsletter marketing is placing the right type of ad. A solo ad so that you can control the subject line ensuring the maximum number of people open the email and pick the right newsletter to place the ad in in the first place.

You get these two things right and you’ll find yourself coming home from work one day with tons of people in your business while you were away. Then not too long after you won’t be going to work because you’re making a full time living from your business.