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Chaos To Clarity Workshop

Marquiste November 23, 2021

Welcome to the Chaos To Clarity Workshop where we walk you through getting the chaos of your business out of your head and into your own virtual brain as we love to call it. We are here to help make tech simple without being overwhelmed. Book a free call!

Step 1: Watch This Video

Step 2: Sign Up For ClickUp

We HIGHLY suggest using ClickUp for a more streamlined business system. Need more assistance with implementing? Book a free call https://go.oncehub.com/sidehustlementor

Step 3:

Download “The Ultimate Guide To Automation” Workbook, fill it out, and ask questions inside of the Automate Your Hustle Facebook Group.

Step 4:

Grab your bonuses!

BONUS 1 – We created a Hit By The Bus Plan for you, which is where your virtual business brain where everything is stored. If you do happen to get hit by a bus (we hope no one does) this is where someone can go to get all of your business details.

BONUS 2 – Outsourcing Like A Boss is one of the biggest things you can do to “buy more time” in your business. This guide will walk you through hiring your first Virtual Assitant to do your manual tasks so you can focus more on business growth! 🚀

NOTE: You will need to have a ClickUp account to access these bonuses.


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