Is Your Expensive Website A Dead End?

Looking back to the print days, we know intuitively that when you get to the end of a page, the next action to take is to turn the page. However, this isn’t the same when it comes to web pages. Most times, we often get into a situation called “Dead end” and unsure of what action to take next. Although many product websites have understood that for them to make sales online, there is a need for a strong and obvious call to action on each page. Nevertheless, the same cannot be said of small business owners who have invested so much money on their websites without converting any leads or sales.

If you are a small business owner, it is time to put to an end your struggle to convert leads. Your expensive website doesn’t have to be a dead-end. Importantly, there are certain things to do to avoid these dead ends on your website. Are you ready to change your story?

What are Dead End Pages?

Dead-end pages are pages that fail to give visitors an idea of what actions to take. For instance, you have a wonderful “About Us Page” with a carefully crafted piece of those behind the company. If that is what that entire page does, then you have a dead-end page. In other words, when a visitor reads the page and gets to the bottom part, what action should he take? To ensure the about page isn’t a dead end, you must provide options and guidance on what next to do or page to visit. For a moment, imagine if all the pages in your expensive website don’t provide a relevant call to action and guidance to your visitors.

How to Avoid Website Dead Ends

You have everything you need to avoid website dead ends. If you follow the instruction in this post, you can see your visitors purchase your product or call for your services. Interestingly, you can use these ideas in whatever field of industry you operate. 

Push or Advertise Projects

For example, if your visitor visits your service page, they may be interested in projects that relate to your service offered. In such a situation, it is important for you to show them previous projects. You can entice them with a thumbnail picture of your related project rather than allowing your service page to stay empty. 

Related projects can be displayed at the bottom of each page while linking them to one another. For instance, if you are a writer and have worked on several projects related to cryptocurrency, you should relate them in such a way that once the visitor clicks on a particular project, other similar projects show up. With this, you boost the confidence level of your visitors to make the final decision.

Relate with People

Every professional service provider knows that their greatest assets are people. This has the tendency of making or breaking the prospect’s decision in working with the firm. Encourage your visitors to know more about your team by including relevant links to team members’ details. Ensure your team page isn’t dead end because they generate lots of traffics.

Offer Relevant Content

Every business online knows the importance of having a content marketing strategy. As a small business owner who has invested so much in building a website the place of having relevant and quality content cannot be overemphasized. You need something to entice your audience and keep them coming. A simple mistake most small business website owners make is not advertising their articles, whitepaper, or educational material to their audience. Most visitors are willing to exchange their email in exchange for valuable information. Therefore, in order to use this to your advantage, create simple forms that pop up throughout your site for visitors to take action.

Sign Them Up

You don’t have to give them content to solve their problem alone; you’ve got to sign them up to your email list. An effective way of staying in the mind of your visitors is blasting them regularly with an email newsletter. In order to build your email list, it is important to encourage such visitors to sign up for your newsletter. Remove every chance of website dead end by creating a simple form within your footer area that offers a subscription option to them. 

Capture Contacts

Undoubtedly, your website has a contact page where you may like your visitors to contact you. However, are you enticing people to make use of it? It is paramount to prompt visitors to take time to fill the form using friendly reminders mostly through your content (especially if your website has a blog). Furthermore, you can include simple forms in other pages for your visitors to provide minimal contact information to get a conversation started with them. You must do this in such a way that they feel the “energy” to participate.

There are various tools available to capture contact. You can take advantage of sales funnel tools like ClickFunnels that will surely increase your website conversion rate. ClickFunnels allows you to carry out end-to-end advertising and marketing. With it, the story of your website not converting lead or sales will be history. 


If your website hasn’t been producing the needed sales or leads, it is important to first look at your various pages. Do they provide a relevant call to action? Do they provide direction on what next a visitor should do? The secret is that once a visitor lands on your home page, your goal is to see them finally get to the buy page or contact page.  

Use a relevant call to action throughout your website and tell visitors what next to do. By providing guidance through a call to action and links, you take your visitors through your website just like an estate agent takes his client through a building. With this, you increase their confidence level while encouraging them to take necessary action. If you do this, your visitors won’t be disoriented and are more likely to revisit your website within a short period.

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