Is Your at-Home Business as Safe and Secured as You Think?

Is Your at-Home Business as Safe and Secured as You Think?

With many of us running online side hustles and working from home these days, it’s become increasingly important to start protecting your home from any potential intruders. Unless you’re using a virtual address for your at-home business, it’s very likely that you’re using your home address for things such as receiving mail, packages, and so on. As such, it’s very easy for almost anyone to get your address and potentially raid your home.

So is your business as safe as you think it is? Here are a couple of considerations to keep in mind when you’re trying to protect your at-home business

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Consider upgrading your home security solutions

Upgrading your home security solutions will give you peace of mind for both your home and your business operation. Whether it’s commercial-grade security camera installation or a brand-new home security system, there are loads of different options to help you create a safer home environment for you to run your business. We recommend at least installing a home-wide security system to alert you of any potential intruders, and also installing countermeasures for when you’re not at home. For example, you could have a system that alerts you when someone suspicious is lurking around your home and you’re not indoors.

Home security solutions will ultimately make you feel a lot safer, especially as your business grows and you need to keep more products in your garage or storage rooms. It’s a worthwhile investment and will even give the added benefit of making your home safer for everyone that lives in it.

Identifying potential digital security risks

The next course of action is to identify any potential digital security risks. If you’re starting an at-home business then there’s a good chance that you’re using a variety of different online-based services to make things easier to manage. For example, you could be using an eCommerce platform such as Shopify to run your web-based store, or you could be using a cloud storage service to back up all of your important business data. Using online services like this is common for an at-home business, but they could also become potential business risks if you’re not focusing on protecting them.

Start by using hard-to-guess passwords that have no relation to you or your business. This is a basic strategy when it comes to safeguarding your online services. If possible, use two-factor authentication so that it requires you to give a code from your smartphone to log in. This will help to keep any intruders out of your online services.

Next, make sure that you’re using security software with your online services and your computer. The last thing you want is for a hacker to break into your unsuspecting cloud server to steal information about customers, products, and bank details. This ensures that you won’t risk losing your business over a common security flaw, thus protecting your business and your investment. It’s a good idea to consult a cybersecurity firm to help you identify these potential security risks and patch them as they happen.

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