How To Use The Internet To Grow Your Traditional Network Marketing Business

Have you been looking to use the internet to grow your network marketing business? If so, then you’re in luck.

I’ve been asked many times to really spell out how to use the internet to grow a more traditional network marketing organization, I want to take the time to dig deep into that topic.

The largest issues with using the internet to grow a traditional network marketing organization are two fold.

First, their online marketing presence and savvy is zero to none so you as the marketer have to pick up the slack.

Second, some traditional network marketing companies have very strict regulations as to how they will both let their representative represent them and market their business.

What this leads to is a situation where you’re paralyzed from taking the right actions because you have a slight or maybe larger than slight fear if you bulk up on your online promotions and your company finds out they will terminate you.

Well, let me say this before I continue . . .

I personally would NOT back myself into this situation because if I’m going to give a company all that I’ve got, I need to know that they trust me enough to let me build and market the way I see fit (of course within limits).

I see nothing wrong with using the internet to grow your business no matter what it may be. It offers many benefits that hunting down people in the business section of your local bookstore doesn’t. I would personally consider changing companies if it was me, but let’s discuss this situation as it lies.

Many older and more traditional companies have a problem with being misrepresented because they see this as a real liability for the long term vitality of their company and brand names which I can understand, but who says you have to say anything about the company or the brand to use the internet?

The secret is to take your company out of the picture completely when using the internet.


Well the reasons above, but on a deeper level what really matters is the relationship you establish with your future business partners, and bringing up your business isn’t necessary to attract and enroll strong potential prospect candidates for your team.

In your marketing funnel, which at a very basic level should comprise of an autoreponder and a lead capture page, what you do in your online promotion is speak nothing to your company and speak ONLY in the realm of “creating a lifestyle of your prospects choosing.”

The angle you take is up to you. It could be money focused or lifestyle focused as far as your message goes, but this message must be stated loud and clear.

So instead of screaming your company’s name in all of your marketing in the hope of having your prospect find their way into your downline, you need to take a more strategic approach.

Separate your business into compartments – and you should have at least three.

1. Lead generation systems 2. Lead relationship systems 3. Lead conversion systems

Next in this portion of the process comes your lead capture process, which in the least, should be a lead capture page, with a headline that speaks to “lifestyle and plan to get it” and a few supporting bullet points.

Then of course the opt-in.

Continue to test your headline and bullet points until it matches what your market wants and you’ll know this by your increase in traffic to lead conversion.

The next system is the relationship building system – the truth is the more you do, the better. So think past just email, think to group calls and webinars, print media and beyond.

Most important here is the consistent transferal of value from you to prospect. Get this right and recruiting is easy as pie.

Third, and this is where we have to be somewhat strategic, is the actual recruiting process. If you’re in a traditional network marketing company most likely they won’t like it if you’re doing heavy email promotions or things of that nature straight to their site, so the safest path is recruiting one to one.

Pull from your prospect database that you’ve spoken nothing to about your business by giving them opportunities to contact you by leaving your email address as a call to action in your marketing or your phone number.

This way, what you’re doing is nothing more than “quasi” generic lead generation, and I say “quasi” because the leads aren’t generic, they know you very well, they just don’t know your company.

From there filter the best of the bunch, the cream of the crop, and recruit them one at a time.

If you follow this method you should not be breaking any traditional network marketing company rules. You’ve implicated them in nothing and at the same time you’ve created a golden funnel straight to you. And you’re actually doing this recruiting thing the best possible way.

If your company has a problem with you networking, because really at this level that’s all this is, by using the internet, I strongly suggest you think about finding a new company.

Otherwise recruit away. Be the star. Get the big checks. Wake up when you want. Vacation across the globe.

Marquiste Boyce