How to Make Sales 24/7 Using Automated Webinars

How to Make Sales 24/7 Using Automated Webinars

An effective marketing tool most marketers use today is a webinar as it allows their prospects to know them on an intimate level. In spite of the opportunities available with webinar, many business owners have not taken advantage of it.

In as much as webinars can be a powerful tool for your business, they can be difficult to scale. Running a webinar requires time while putting a strain on your energy level and voice. Meanwhile, administrative effort in setting up every individual session and managing registration can reduce the ROI of this marketing channel.

Nevertheless, with automating your webinars, you can get the most out of it and your marketing process. Automating your webinars offers you the opportunity to have people in your funnel every time instead of whenever you have the chance to do a webinar. You can start your automated webinar through ClickFunnels automated webinar and enjoy massive bonus including a drag-n-drop funnel tool. Therefore, if you understand the power of webinar in developing your business, automated webinars are the perfect solutions for you.

What is a Webinar?

A webinar is a seminar or meeting conducted through the internet that enables participants to take part without any barrier to distance or location. Business owners began taking advantage of the enormous benefits of webinar in mid-2017 but in 2018, it became a sought-after channel that converts extremely well. Today, many marketers who use them successfully have reported up 65% conversion rates after using webinar.

Types of Automated Webinars

There are two types of Automated Webinars that are commonly used; On-Demand and “Just-In-Time”.

In the videos below, I give an overview of both and how they are different from each other.

On-Demand Webinar

Just In Time Webinar

How to Create A Webinar Clickfunnels

To ensure your automated webinar ClickFunnels is a success, you will need ClickFunnels AutoWebinar Funnel and video recording of Webinar hosted on Wistia, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.

Creating the Auto Webinar Funnel

  1. Click ‘Add New’ from the dashboard
  2. Click ‘Host A Webinar’
  3. Click ‘Webinar Replay’
  4. Enter the Name of the Funnel
  5. Click Build Funnel

Adding recorded video

  1. Select the Webinar Broadcast Room Step in the funnel
  2. Click on Edit Page
  3. Click on the Video Element and add your video link

Professional Tips for ClickFunnels Automated Webinars

To have a successful ClickFunnels automated webinar that will increase your sales and conversion, you can follow these professional tips from experts.

  • Don’t use phrases such as good afternoon, goodnight and so forth, because your viewers may be watching from different time zones.
  • The end of your autowebinar should cover questions and answers toward the end of the broadcast. Ensure you mention that you have constrained time to answer all the questions but will get back to them.
  • When it comes to sales, ensure you perfect all your pitch and data before starting the recording process.
  • Take advantage of expiring bonuses. You can use Countdown timer or Deadline Funnel to add bonuses to those that require actions.

Are you using ClickFunnels automated webinars as part of your marketing process to increase sales and conversion? If so, I’d do like to hear from you and the trick you are currently employing to capture more leads.

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