How to Create a Winning Sales Team

How to Create a Winning Sales Team

If you have decided that you need to create a sales team for your business this is a huge step. Creating a team that deals with driving sales can skyrocket your business.

This is a special group of people that you will gather together with the sole intention of increasing your conversion rates. It is a big job and you may be wondering how to go about assembling a dream team for this objective. Here are some tips that will help you find the right people.

Can You Coach This Person?

When thinking about adding someone to your sales team you may want to avoid interviewing people who have already been on sales teams. This is because it can sometimes be difficult to train them with new techniques especially if they’ve had years of sales experience. 

Often people with a lot of sales experience are set in their ways and it will be an uphill battle trying to get them to change.

Let Them Sell You Something

The perfect way to find out if someone is a good addition to your team is to try to get them to sell something to you. One popular example is to let someone try to sell you a bottle of water but it can also be done with a pen or any object that you like. 

Look at how they improvise. How do they respond if you are not immediately enthused by the idea of buying? A good salesperson must understand what is consultative selling and how to use it.

Set Targets for Your Sales Team

Your sales teams will not grow if you do not set targets for them. Although targets can be very pressuring they also act as motivators when it comes to sales.

When people know that they have a deadline and a target to meet they are more inclined to work harder to reach their goals.

Communicate with Your Team

Communicate often with your team, even if you work remotely. Make sure you do daily emails with all your sales team members. 

Catch up in the morning and in the afternoon. In this way, you can evaluate what is happening with everyone daily. Try to do weekly one-on-one with each of your sales reps to find out their strengths and their weaknesses.

You should have your sales team doing weekly and monthly sales summaries as well so you can have a clearer picture of what is working and what isn’t. You may find out that you need to make the product more attractive for buyers or your sales team needs to come up with new strategies.

The Dream Team

You now know some of the best tips and strategies for establishing a winning sales team. Putting together a team that is inspired to reach their goals is an accomplishment in itself. 

However, even when you have established a dream team you will still need to put measures in place so that there is accountability, support, and training. Remember that when it comes to sales learning can never end. There are always new strategies and techniques that will be useful for increasing conversions.

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