How Brick and Mortar Stores Can Increase Customers With Clickfunnels

The biggest concern of most business owners is growing their customer base in order to brighten their chances of making more sales. That is why prospective subscribers to ClickFunnels want to know how brick-and-mortar stores can increase customers with ClickFunnels.

Increasing customers does not happen by accident neither is it rocket science. It takes conscientious effort to do so and then reap the dividends of hard, persistent work. One of the most difficult aspects of marketing or running a business is getting customers who believe in you and are willing to stick to you through thick and thin.

However, with ClickFunnels, the art of getting new loyal customers is relatively easier. There are some practical steps you can follow to bring your dream to reality. 

Steps to Increasing Customers With ClickFunnels

Getting more customers to your brick-and-mortar stores is not as difficult as you think. If you can follow the steps we are going to highlight here, things would be easier. We are going to talk about some of these steps below:

Build a Sales Funnel

The first step into getting more customers is building a sales funnel. Since a sales funnel is enriched with many tools to help you cater to the various needs of your marketing campaigns, it makes things relatively easier for you.

With a ready sales funnel, your lead will have a unique experience with your offer, service, and product. Since the funnel is unique, it enables you to interact with potential customers who are targeted and only interested in what you are offering them. You can quickly increase the number of customers by offering what is personal to them and also giving them choices. 

Personalize Customer Interactions

Though e-commerce stores are able to offer personalized recommendations, brick-and-mortar stores provide a real personal touch to their prospective customers. The personalized customer service that your workforce offers goes a long way in letting your visitors know how much you care. When these stores add a personal touch of care to what they offer their visitors, the visitors become relaxed and then are willing to join the mailing list and continue in regular communication which eventually turns them into loyal customers. To do this, you need to employ/hire the right people with the right qualification and attitude, to render high-quality service to everyone who pays a visit to your online store. When the support team is well trained to treat visitors like kings and attend to them as individuals, this yields more positive results.

You could offer them in-store services such as personal styling and product curation. Be sure also to give them products that match their needs and budget, ensuring that they have a swell time while on your site by rendering the best support possible. One satisfied customer will surely tell several others about your services. By so doing, brick-and-mortar stores can increase customers with ClickFunnels.

Make Use of Quality Landing Pages

The first place a potential customer sees on your site is your landing page. A landing page is just a part of your ClickFunnels. Everything has to be put in place to create a positive first impression the moment the visitor lands on your page. This is where conversion begins and you must not get it wrong from here. Here is where the potential customer gets acquainted with your business, values, and philosophy. All necessary information that the visitor needs on the first contact should be there. 

While your landing pages play a major role in getting new customers, they provide avenues to reach the customer with many other opportunities. Some other ways to increase customers, therefore, include:

Utilize Videos

The era of relying on print media to get prospects is fast becoming obsolete. A lot of people now use video to pass their messages across to their audiences because of its high conversion rate. Posting high-quality videos especially explainer videos can go a long way in getting you, new customers. One good place to post such videos is your landing page which is a part of your ClickFunnels.

While print does not give a face to your product or service, the video does. Prospective customers can easily see your face, hear your voice and everything looks real to them when you use video marketing. Adding videos to your landing page simply means the page is no longer faceless; you are able to present personal pitches that end up converting more customers. With videos, it is faster and more accurate to present your messages, philosophy, or pitches to your prospective customers. This ends up getting you more customers in the long run.

Make Use of CTA’s

It is equally noteworthy that having a CTA (Call To Action) on your landing page does great magic in bringing more customers to your brick-and-mortar stores. CTA directs the visitors into deciding on what next to do while on your site. When you have your CTA displayed conspicuously on your landing page and you set a button on a contrasting color, customers can easily see them and click on them especially if the wordings on the button are personalized. Such wording as “Click to get your free e-book” makes it clear to the customer what he/she stands to benefit from taking such action.

Organize Webinars

Organizing webinars through the ClickFunnels is another practical way brick-and-mortar stores can increase customers. Webinars work pretty like videos because they are live ways of presenting information or training to people who may be interested in your products/services. Since webinars help to drive home important information, attendees are likely to fill out your opt-in form and subscribe to your list. By so doing, you will grow your customer base faster.


ClickFunnels no doubt is a great tool for increasing customers. To get the best out of it, you need to create a sales funnel, personalize customer interactions, make use of quality landing pages, utilize videos, make use of CTA’s and organize webinars.

Just building a marketing system without putting the right things in place will not deliver the expected result; stores need to get things right by making use of things that are proven to work currently. While some marketing styles are already becoming outdated, all the steps listed in this post work efficiently and can help you get the needed result.

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