Here To Stay? Home Offices And Creature Comforts

It looks like the home office will be here to stay for a long time. Many industry experts already predicted that it is inevitable for remote working to be somehow integrated into the future. But nobody predicted that it would come this quickly and this aggressively. However, we are where we are. Most of us now see the benefits of working from home. No commuting time, we’re more productive and we might even be happier. We spend more time with our friends and family at lunch and also, get to work in our PJs. If remote working is going to be how many of us choose to work from now on, we need a home office that suits our needs and wants.

Location in the home

Should your home office be on the bottom floor or on the top floor? Location within the home is extremely important. If you are downstairs, make sure it’s not too close to the kitchen or the dining area; and certainly not near the living room. You need peace and quiet for your home office, so where you have it will determine your focus levels, productivity, and thus, your mental health at work. However, if you are a micro-business owner, whereby you do everything yourself, your dining table might just be perfect. You are close to the front door where you can take deliveries of new stock, or pop outside to meet a client without fuss. Alternatively, if you are doing reports or tasks that require hours of focus, you really should not compromise on a quiet corner in the home.


Space and style

For a long time, the minimalist office design approach was very popular. It gave you plenty of room but it wasn’t very stylish. You didn’t have the stylish gumption to place some cool items like figurines, lamps, plants or any decorating pieces like vases. However, in the rapid shift that we are seeing in the interior design world, maximalism might be the way to go. It all depends on how much space you would like, which fosters more sunlight and air circulation. Don’t be afraid to place some personal items that you find stylish, around your home office. A place that feels more like ‘you’ is always better for your mental health, than purely having an empty space.

Ready for spring

The hotter weather that will be arriving soon will post many challenges for your home office. The obvious will be the humidity. So always having your air conditioning unit up and running is vital to your productivity. Contact a trusted HVAC Repair service when you feel the need. Have their number on hand, as they are a 24-hour service and they have 99% of the parts required for any contemporary HVAC unit. Keep your room nice and cool throughout the day so you can be comfortable and focused.

What do you think would be the perfect balance between style and space? Do you plan on buying an executive chair or just using a simple chair from the dining room? Let us know!

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