Getting Maximum Leads With A Marketing System

Getting Maximum Leads With A Marketing System

Why is a Landing Page is Important? You probably thinking, why bother with a landing page? Is it really necessary, isn’t that what my website is for? Let’s discuss why a landing page is so important.

You have a product, you need to sell that product, and therefore you need to market that product. A landing page is an integral part of your marketing system. This is the part of the modern system where you generate leads. The landing page is often going to serve as the potential client’s first introduction to your product and business, so it needs to make the right impression. And what do we d when generating leads? We get the contact information. So the main function of your landing page is to get the e-mail addresses of potential clients.

Think of your landing page as an employee that is going to work for you, your lead generator, so you want someone who is going to make the right impression, generate curiosity, use the right language, sell them on why they need your product, and walk away from the interaction with the contact information of a potential client. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that it’s complicated. Let’s talk about making a landing page that can generate leads for you while you’re spending time on other parts of your business, or sitting on the beach sipping mojitos.

The job of a landing page is to send people down your sales funnel, primarily by getting their e-mail addresses. After getting their e-mail address, you will follow up with them with the next part of your system. A web page or website, is more of a general directory, or a menu of things that your product or business has to offer, highlights, a portfolio, and a lot of general information. A website and landing page are not the same, and yes, you do need both.

A landing page is trying to help the potential client with a particular problem. Do you want to know how to solve that problem? Put in your e-mail address, and then that takes you through the next step of the sales funnel. The message that you put on your landing page is going to be the message that aligns them to purchase your product at the end of the rainbow.

The problem with the internet these days is people don’t know who they can trust, everyone wants to sell them something and they don’t want to be taken advantage of. Your landing page is going to put forth the message of legitimacy. Real businesses that are not scams have put in the time effort and money to do things right. The landing page is going to show them that your products are presented professionally. We are sensory beings, and having something that they can go to, see, and interact with giving us an actual presence. There is a myriad of people trying to sell them the same product that you are and your landing page is going to be what stands you out against the crowd.

If you put two people in front of me selling the same product, but one has a landing page that gives me a little more information, and it tells me it’s going to solve a particular problem that I have, that’s the one I’m going with. I go to the landing page and see that it is going to help me, it’s going to solve this problem that I have, and all I have to do is put it in my e-mail to get more information. The landing page is going to do all the work for you of attracting people and getting them to request more information from you.

Your landing page is the doorway to the follow-up system, so it is critical to pinpoint your target market, and your landing page needs to get the right message to that target market. You want to draw in the people that need help from you, that need help from your product. You need to put the right message up, that you have the solution to their particular problem. You have to address not only their specific needs but their fears and aspirations. Why is this better than alternative solutions, what concerns will they have about the product, and what gives you a leg up on the competition? This is your opportunity to connect with them and demonstrate that you have the answers. What do they desire most and what pain do they want to avoid most? This is the heart of your landing page. Ask them a thought-provoking question that they want to answer.

It pays to be creative and up on trends. Free videos or free reports used to be great for landing pages, in more recent times, some have found quizzes to be very productive. This is where a little market research will go a long way, see what kind of trends are going around and use something that will get clicks to your advantage.

In the example of the quiz, you would present a question, then have them take the quiz, and put in their e-mail to send them the results, or offer the product. Instead of asking for the e-mail right away, which might deter some people, you’re asking them a question, they click the button and answer all the questions, so by the time they are asked for an e-mail they have already made several micro-commitments and are invested in the process.

Tracking your stats is very important with your landing page. You can’t grow what you don’t track. You can’t say if your business is doing good or bad if you don’t track your stats. This enables you to adjust accordingly and make changes. You can track what does and doesn’t work. Especially if you are buying traffic, if you’re not tracking your numbers and making improvements, then your basically just throwing money out the window. Do split tests, I guarantee you will be surprised that small changes like a button color can make a difference with clicks. This is your money and your market, you need to be on top of what works and what doesn’t.

Having bonuses on your is also a great idea. Presenting something like a free add-on for them sweetens the deal. Your client should always feel like they are getting more than what they paid for.

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