How To Generate Leads With An Automated Sales Funnel

A sales funnel can be imagined like a funnel for customers. You start out with a broad opening to capture as many leads as possible and then you gradually narrow those leads down to only the most engaged and interested customers so that you can sell to them. All the while, you’ll be building trust, building engagement and priming them ready to make a sale.

You can also think about this as a ladder, which each step taking your customers closer to the top where you’ll eventually try to sell to them.

In practice, what this means is a series of different marketing strategies, each arranged in such a way as to build more and more targeted leads for your business. So you might start with a simple advert, or a blog post and then move on to an email list, then a ‘free report’, then a seminar, then a small product sale and then a big sale.

Each of these marketing stages is a step on a ladder, it’s a little further down the funnel. And each time a customer clicks on the next link, or follows you to the next step, they are becoming more and more likely to buy from you.

As mentioned, there’s a good chance you’ll have encountered different sales funnels in your travel around the web: and you may even have bought products from others through this method. You might have come across a blog and signed up to the mailing list for instance, and then been told to click on the link therein in order to see a free seminar. And then maybe the free seminar asked you to sign up for the next seminar which would cost a little money.

And you may have come across it on YouTube too. For example, Tai Lopez is something of an inscrutable businessman who is willing to use everything at his disposal to capture new leads and sales – even when that involves a bit of flossing.

But he still employs a sales funnel very well. If you go on YouTube to watch a video, his ad will very often show up.

The guy then goes on to talk about his cars or his massive house and this makes you want to watch – even if only because it annoys you.

At the end of the video, he offers to show you how to get his three most important tips for making money. And because it’s free, why wouldn’t you click it? Only at this point, you’re becoming more and more involved with his brand and more and more likely to become a paying customer. When you watch this ‘free’ video, which is on his site or channel, you’ll then be told you can get even more information by signing up for a free report. In fact, this report is key to understanding the video. If you do this, then Tai now has your details and the confirmation that you’re interested in what he has to sell!

You’ve gone from a ‘cold lead’ (someone on YouTube, targeted based on your video watching choices), to a ‘warm lead’ (someone who has demonstrated an interest) to eventually a ‘qualified lead’.

The way Tai does this is a little transparent and a little cynical – but it’s how all the big names operate including the likes of Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss and Pat Flynn. And it’s exactly what you should be doing if you want to make sales. Note that this doesn’t mean you have to con people like Tai! Just that you need to think about your marketing strategy in steps and stages and understand the psychology of the way you’re dealing with people.

So rather than building an old-school style website or blog where you land on a page and have 10,000,000 choices, you can build your own Automated Sales Funnel to direct the prospect in a logical direction:

  • Step One > Go here and click this.
  • Step Two > Go here and click this.
  • Step Three > Go here and buy this.

The Attract Page (also known as a Squeeze Page) is the first page where you attract your ideal prospect and SQUEEZE out an email address by using curiosity.

Bridge Page is a page that builds trust and pre-frames your product or service. with a link to the Website at the bottom so they Convert into a customer.

Plus, personalized Email Follow-Up messages are sent to keep people on track, because guess what—even when you give people step-by-step instructions, some will still veer off course and need to be reminded and encouraged to get back on the path. That’s what the emails do for almost a week!

The best part is that you can easily create each of these pages, without needing to know code, graphic design, or anything complicated.

I’m going to show you how to do this with a tool called ClickFunnels, which achieves in 30 minutes what used to take me 3 months, a whole team, and thousands of dollars.

I remember when I would get a great idea for a new business website. I would get so excited and then, just as quickly, so depressed. Why?

Because I knew it would take a huge team of people to pull it off. I’d need designers and coders and, like, three months.

Who has time for that? Not me!

That’s why I use ClickFunnels to build my Automated Sales Funnels.