Eric Thomas Top Rules For Success

Eric Thomas – Top Rules for Success!⁣

No Excuses! – If you’re good at making excuses, you’re probably not good in anything else. Once you make an excuse why you can’t do something, you completely cut off your chances of doing it. Quit making excuses!⁣

Speak From The Heart! – Authenticity. Speaking with conviction and from the heart of who you truly are is one of the fundamentals in success. Talking lies, pretending to be someone else and faking it is extremely easy to spot by other people. But speaking from your heart and what you truly believe in will make people believe in you and what you do as well.⁣

Know What You Want! – You can’t reach a goal you haven’t set. If you haven’t written your goal, go right now, get a piece of paper and start writing everything you want. Get clear and specific. GO!⁣

You Reap What You Sow! – You’ll see that much results as the work you put in. It’s not about following your passion, it’s about putting your passion into whatever it is you’re doing. So whatever it is, put everything in it. Pay attention to the details, give 100% and you’ll sow great results!⁣

Succeed as Bad as You Want to Breathe! – If you don’t want it bad enough, you’ll quickly find another activity to replace that. Ask yourself, do you want it as bad as you wanna breathe? ⁣

As an entrepreneur, I understand how hard it can be building a business. It can be stressful, but few of the things that really make this easier are tools that put your business on autopilot.