Clone a Funnel in Seconds with the ClickFunnels Share Funnel Feature

If you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, or operate an online business, you may have heard of or come across ClickFunnels. Designed by Russell Brunson, ClickFunnels is an internet sensational software and a lucrative affiliate program that many online marketers use to get leads and convert sales. However, to unlock the untapped potentials of this amazing software, you have to understand the opportunities that lie in your hand when using ClickFunnels. With this understanding, you can utilize your strength as a marketer to promote your product. Instead of jumping the broom, we will give you a brief introduction of what ClickFunnels is all about before you even consider promoting it. 

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is a software program that allows you to build landing pages, sales pages, and complete sales funnels and is applicable in every niche. Furthermore, it allows you to create a series of web pages that visitors must navigate to in order to join your mailing list, register for your webinar, or buy your product.

What is the Link Between ClickFunnels and Share Funnels?

You may be thinking you have heard everything about ClickFunnels until you stumble on Share Funnels. Share Funnels is an interesting feature of ClickFunnels. Share Funnels is one of the amazing features that most people never discourse when using ClickFunnels for your business. 

What is Share Funnels and How Does it Work

Share Funnel is one of the famous assets of ClickFunnels that enables you to easily duplicate a complete funnel from someone’s account into your own account. Actually, when someone copies the funnel, it comes with a unique share funnel link that takes him or her to the page below.  


If the person has a ClickFunnels account, the funnel will be added to their account. Nevertheless, if they don’t have one, they will be prompted to sign up for the 14-day trial account that allows them to access the funnel. Peradventure such a user becomes a paying member; you are paid the affiliate commission from registering through your link. This is super powerful as it is the biggest secret to making huge cash as a ClickFunnels affiliate marketer.

How to Get Your Unique ClickFunnels Share Link or URL

It is as simple as ABC to get your unique link which will help to double your income. Ensure you follow the step below.

  • Login in to your account
  • Edit the particular funnel you want to share
  • Go to the setting tab
  • Scroll down until you see the “Share This Funnel URL” blue box
  • Copy the ClickFunnels Share URL and share

Who Can Use ClickFunnels Share?

Although not suitable for all kinds of businesses, those that use it benefit greatly from it on a daily basis. However, if you are an affiliate marketer, network marketer, or consultant that deals in setting up websites for people, you may want to use Share Funnels because it can help you make a huge ton of cash.

How to Make Money Using ClickFunnels Share

Now you have understood the basis of ClickFunnels Share, it is important to enlighten you of ways you can make money instead of depending on ClickFunnels affiliate marketing alone. These are just some of the ideas we have put to work, we do love to hear some of yours. So if you are ready, let us begin!

Use Clickfunnels to Build Your Business First

There is no better way to find success when using ClickFunnels than getting your hands direct. The best way of selling a product is by testing it first. You’ve got to be passionate about a product in such a way that your customer can feel that energy. You have to tell them a story of how you became a success using the funnel you created. Without that, you can say goodbye to your dream of earning commissions. Remember, people buy from people and not products. 

Therefore, get your funnels running before thinking of promoting it. You will certainly get more sign up if you can convincingly say that promoting your funnels has helped your business. With that trust, you can think of promoting other ClickFunnels services like ClickFunnels DotCom Secrets, ClickFunnels Expert Secrets Book, and ClickFunnels Traffic Secrets.

Create Funnels for Local Businesses 

It may look simple but requires some extra work. However, if you are willing to go the extra mile, it can be extremely lucrative for you. If you have noticed, local businesses have little budget neither can they create a good online presence to sell services. You can leverage this opportunity by creating a specific funnel for their business to sell at a fixed price. For instance, you give them your link and advise them to sell up through your account. If your funnel works for them, their chances of becoming a long-term member increase thereby increasing your chance of enjoying recurring commissions. 

Find Successful Sales Funnels and Duplicate Them

Businesses that sell something online have a particular sales funnel. It is your duty to find the one that is good and duplicate it in ClickFunnels. You must give your potential clients proof – write about your experience or record yourself on a video explaining everything.

Once you demonstrate how they can use it, ensure you provide your share funnel links of your finished product to allow your viewers or readers to verify your work. Once you are able to show them how easy it can be, you can surely bank on getting people to sign up through your link.

Build Your Own ClickFunnels Service

Today, you can become a funnel consultant by building your own ClickFunnels. The software allows you to create your own funnels using a simple process. Once you are able to establish it, you can get companies to outsource your services. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Try it now!


ClickFunnels Share funnels is an amazing way to get people to sign up for ClickFunnel’s affiliate program through your link. It is the perfect key to making money and buying that dream car you have always wanted. Everything you need is with you. It all starts by signing up for a trial account after which you can set up your real account to start earning commissions right under your roof. Have you promoted any product using ClickFunnels using Share Funnel; we do like to hear from you.

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