Celebrate The Small Wins In Entrepreneurship

Celebrate The Small Wins In Entrepreneurship

Success is something we’re taught to celebrate, but only for large events, and only if someone else leads the way.  We’re led to believe that acknowledging our own victories is an act of vanity.  We’re told its best not to ‘toot your own horn’.  This may explain why so many people have trouble relishing the simple successes in life.  While it’s perfectly acceptable to number your failures and correct them one by one, being just as meticulous towards your triumphs is frowned upon as self-indulgent. 

Nowhere is this disparity of acknowledgment more evident than in the life of an entrepreneur.  Business leaders are told to always be wary of failure and to avoid defeat.  It’s considered a sign of strength if you examine your weaknesses and study them.  The human psyche becomes damaged if exposed to too much pain, however.  Suffering warps the soul and saps the mind if it’s too relentless.  It’s important to embrace your success just as much as you face your failures.  This is especially true for the little victories we achieve in our daily lives.  When we take pride in the small accomplishments we build our confidence and make a habit of living with success. 

Recognize Your Successes

It’s been said every day is a miracle.  That rising each morning is a blessing, and every breath you take is a reward.  A version of that sentiment applies to your business.  Opening your doors or logging into your home page is a sign of your success each day.  Most businesses fail.  That’s a simple fact.  If you’re still plying your trade and serving your customers, you’re part of that elite percentile that deserves acclaim.  Recognize each transaction or accomplished goal in precisely that light.  Pat yourself on the back.  It is a job well done to be in business and ready for triumph every day.  When you make the payroll or plan an inventory well, that’s a success your business can’t do without.  Acknowledge your acumen as an entrepreneur.  It takes work to be in business, and it takes skill to succeed. 

Talk About The Successes In Your Life

Whether its friends and colleagues or family and loved ones, tell people about your success when you’re with them.  It’s not bragging to accentuate the positive side of your life.  It isn’t that you hide your difficulties; it’s just that you allow your successes to dominate.  Try to mention the little things you’ve done.  Your friends know who you are, and your profession is a part of that. 

It’s exciting to know someone else is doing well.  Even tiny successes are pleasing to hear.  People like a winner. That applies to victories great and small.  Let your friends and family know about your daily wins, and tell them what your long-term goals are.  When people have a greater view of your life, they understand why each victory is important.  Often they’ll even notice your small wins long before you do. 

Create Successful Habits

It’s been said if you do anything repeatedly it becomes a habit.  Use that methodology to develop winning behavior in yourself.  We know physical movement can develop carpal tunnel pain.  Likewise repetitive exercise can build muscle and stamina.  The human brain and personality are no less susceptible to training.  For winning to become second nature you must make it a habit.   When you examine your mistakes, you learn what not to do.  By the same token you find out what works when you study your victories and success.  If your small triumphs are celebrated and repeated, then each day becomes enriched with a sense of fulfillment. 

Be Present In The Moment

The past is always behind you.  Only a trick of the mind can make you think otherwise.  Memory and experience are wonderful things, but dwelling on mistakes is a blueprint for disaster.  Keep your thoughts in the present, with the extraordinary life you’re living.  You’re an entrepreneur.  You’re building something, and you deserve to relish each moment. 

Don’t take the present for granted.   Be aware of your surroundings and engage in them. You’re better for it when you take what the moment has to offer.  Maybe you just heard good news or a customer just made your day. You might have recently mastered a skill.  Take time to feel satisfied with your newfound ability.   Accept these small pleasures and acknowledge them gratefully.  Living in the moment is its own reward. 

Reward Yourself For Success          

Reward yourself even more when you achieve success.  Take that extra time off.  See loved ones, or watch a visit a new country.  Whatever brings you pleasure should be your reward for a job well done.  When success is met with incentives it repeats itself over and over. 

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