Case Study: Fresh Start Financials Group

Saved 107 hours of repeating the same day-to-day business tasks, while generating over 7-figures in potential client deals!


Solomon Lacy III is the CEO of Fresh Start Financials Group (FSFG) LLC and looking to increase its revenue from online leads and reduce manual sales processes with a new frontend Website and backend Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for admins and agents. FSFG provides credit repair, personal funding and business consulting services to it’s clients.

Currently, the business is using Google Sheets as a CRM to manage clients, but is facing major issues with manually entry, data duplication, privacy access and the ability to automatically follow-up with new leads. The business also has no formal intake process to collect lead information.

For the company’s agents, there is a need to send electronic signatures to clients and have signed files captured. There is also need for privacy access control in the CRM, so that each agent only see’s it’s direct clients.

An Email Marketing System is required to capture/convert cold traffic leads via intake form and to follow-up and send company updates to existing clients.

The Solution

We built Fresh Start Financials Group a new front-end website with a quiz intake form to collect required lead details to create automated proposals and transfer contact info into the PipeDrive CRM.

This website consists of a homepage and additional pages for applications to apply for different services; Credit Resolution, Personal Funding; Business Funding.

Once the form is submitted on either the Credit Resolution, Personal Funding or Business Funding pages, the lead path is as follows:

  1. Lead is added to “Fresh Start Leads” list in the Email Marketing System
  2. A thank you email is sent to new lead from the Email Marketing System
  3. Lead is added as a contact in PipeDrive CRM with a Deal reflecting their requested service
  4. Deal is assigned to “Lead In” phase for Fresh Start Pipeline within PipeDrive
  5. A PandaDoc contract is automatically sent to lead
  6. An email is sent to FSFG alerting them of the new lead

Once a new lead has submitted their information, they are entered into a multi-day lead nurturing sequence to educate them on the benefits of the service with CTA to book a free consultation.

Within the CRM, Solomon and his team also have a centralized place to manage contacts and track all communication to help close deals.

The Results

Solomon was able to put his lead intake and proposal process on complete auto-pilot for Fresh Start Financials Group. Previously, it would take about 25 minutes to manually prepare a contract after a lead submitted their information to him, which was not collected in a standardized process.

Now, once a lead fills out a form, the entire process is fully automated and takes less than 1 minute to complete. Over the course of just one year, this has saved Solomon approximately 107 hours of repeating the same tasks over and over again, while generating over 7-figures in potential client deals!

Even better, all his information is now stored in one place and easily accessible to him and his team as he continues to scale up and look into new investments.

Key Metrics

Total Leads – 209 (Credit Repair) / 48 (Client Funding)
Potential Deals – $275K (Credit Repair) / $4.2 Mil (Client Funding)
Manually Tasks Automated – 1,781
Hours Saved – 107

The Process

When Solomon first started working with us, he had about no systems in place and really had no clue what to do with his business. The first thing we helped Solomon do was put some system and automation inside his business to help take some of that load off of his back. Next, we got Solomon started with a CRM to help with the visibility in his business.

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