Case Study: Dan Lok

Monthly email revenue increased from ~15% on average... to 25-30% of overall revenue!


The Dan Lok Organization was looking to increase the overall company revenue from email marketing but struggling with analytics to make data-driven decisions with their current email service provider (Maropost).

After migrating their email platform to Hubspot to unify their company analytics, the client faced deliverability issues. Due to the problems with migrating to a new ESP and IP address, the client started experiencing difficulties with ensuring that the company’s emails reach intended recipients.

The Solution

We started with a technical setup. That process included:

Built an email marketing calendar: Having an email marketing calendar helped to start organizing and analyzing email campaigns to find out which ones were the most engaging.

Segmented email list. Purged non-active subscribers and created list of engaged subscribers for daily email campaigns. Also created a list cleaning strategy where if someone doesn’t open an email in 14 days, they get kicked off the list. From there, if they don’t open an email in 45-60 days, they get kicked off the list. This helps maintain a good domain reputation.

Implementing testing process. We created a “seed testing” process. Testing your emails on your seed list helps you identify any authentication or spam filter issues that would hurt your sender reputation and cause even more deliverability headaches if you sent emails to your entire list with those problems.

The Results

It took us around 2 months to migrate ESP and fine-tune the technical settings and establish a solid email monitoring routine. However, in the end, we got what we were looking for:

Increased deliverability. The performance of email doubled, with an open rate of 34% from the 6-month period recorded. Since the average Open Rate is somewhere between 12% and 25%, squeezing 34% was a great result.

Improved sales. Monthly email revenue increased from ~15% on average to 25-30% of overall revenue. The highest recorded was 60%.

The Process

So, what can be said for business owners, who use so many email services? What should they do to avoid similar issues and fix them for good?

Keep your tech settings in check. The way your email domain is identified by other email service providers matters. Make sure that there are no authentication issues and your data is displayed accurately.

Don’t put too much pressure on freshly created domains and mailboxes. If brand new, there needs to be warming up process to teach Google (gmail) and other ESP’s that you are a reputable sender. Software like Warmbox and InboxAlley are idea for this. Otherwise you can find yourself in the spam or promo box.

Start out gradually, with limited batches of emails. Increase the volume of emails slowly, so email service providers won’t consider your sending activity suspicious. That may sound
frustrating but it will ultimately help you shape a positive sending reputation that will work for you in the long run.

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