A Secret To Making Money Off Those Prospects That Don’t Join

Most of the time in network marketing we are singularly focused on the action of getting people into our business.

You call leads or email them or attract them in whatever way your chosen marketing model demands and you push for them to join your business and when they don’t join you trash them.

Well, there was a point in my history that I am not all that happy to admit that I was buying $5 TV phone verified leads and spending up to $500 a month on them to try to grow my business.

I called these folks and they didn’t join and I trashed the leads until…

(And this is something that I have never revealed to anyone.)

I thought “what a waste, I’m spending oodles of cash and getting no return on my investment, there’s got to be something I can do to change this.”

I started to think of ways that I could monetize these dead beat leads and at least recoup a small portion of some of my capital investment.

I thought about what I could do to improve my situation for about a week, before it dawned on me.

I realized that just because these people were not interested in MY business it didn’t mean that they still were not interested in joining A business.

So I thought…

How can I offer these dead leads additional options in a way that I could at least recoup a little capital?

Then the “Ah Ha” moment came!

Pay Per Lead Affiliate Programs for business opportunities!

That’s where the leads came from in the first place, why not send them back where they came from and make a little money on the way out?

There are affiliate programs out there that will pay you a commission NOT on an actual sale, but on just having leads complete a simple form about a business opportunity.

I found a good pay per lead affiliate program in the business opportunity arena to join and I joined.

I started experimenting with after calling leads giving them my affiliate link for my pay per lead affiliate program and
telling the leads to check out other options.

Ultimately I moved to doing this on the front end.

It was a great guise.

I would call and say I was a home business consultant and that I was going to be discussing some different business opportunities with them.

I would then give them the affiliate link and tell them to check out the other choices and then set an appointment to discuss their options.

People loved it because I wasn’t forcing them in one direction and so the sales pressure was gone and these leads were more open to talking with me on the follow up about their options.

As a result, at the end of the run before I went to a totally online marketing method I was making back $3.25 on about 50% of the leads that I contacted by the simple action of having them fill out the form. I created a situation where I was a consultant and NOT a sales person.

I don’t remember my exact income from this, but here is a basic breakdown.

Out of 100 leads that were phone verified I would get in contact with about 80% because they were “highly qualified and pre called”.

Out of those 80 contacts about 50% or 40 of them would fill out the pay per lead affiliate form.

So in a situation where I was originally $500 out of pocket I was able to recoup about $130 bucks.

Not bad huh?

The moral of the story is there’s always a way to improve your situation, if you can just take a step back and analyze  it objectively.

If you’re still calling leads give it a shot, if you’re not then take the bigger moral home and incorporate it to your business.

There’s always more opportunity out there than you initially think.