7 Step Guide For Beginners To Buy Solo Ads

If you are just beginning as an internet marketer, affiliate marketer, or you want to start your own email list to enable you build a subscriber base in order to earn money from the products you are selling/marketing, you may be interested in buying solo ads to fast track your efforts and get a quick return on investment. However, solo ads may not be as simple as you think, yet it is not a complex project either.

This 7 step guide for beginners to buy solo ads will give you an insight into the concept of solo ads and the basic things that will make your efforts worthwhile.

1. Selecting Your Offer

Several products are available for promotion from CPA offers to affiliate products, etc. Before going ahead with solo ads purchase, you need to first carefully select the product you wish to promote.

One thing that will guide you in choosing a great product is to do a research about their conversion rate, the customer support, the reviews others have written concerning them, and possibly get in touch with a representative to get a first hand information.

You can also visit their sales page to see if it easily appeals to potential customers. If it easily impressed you, then you are sure it would others too.

2. Setting Up Your Autoresponder

The next thing to do is to create a new mailing list and then get the HTML code that you will insert into your squeeze page. It may take different steps depending on the service provider. For GetResponse, go to the drop-down menu on your menu top right and click on ‘Your Current Campaign’ tab. Click on ‘Create Campaign’ option to set up your list. From the top menu, select ‘Web Forms’ and then ‘Create New Form’.

But if you are on Aweber, go to ‘Create Lists’ to set up one. Move ahead to click the ‘Sign Up Forms’ tab and then the green ‘Create A Sign-Up Form’ button.

Save all the steps and then get the HTML code. Copy the code and paste it into your squeeze page.

3. Set Up Your Squeeze Page

It is always better to prevent any form of complication when setting up your squeeze page. As much as possible, you should keep things very simple. Your squeeze page is to enable visitors to quickly submit their email addresses before moving to the next page (your offer or thank you page).  If they have to pass through tedious processes to submit their emails, then you are bound to lose them.

It’s always better to position your optin form on the top right as possible, with a headline that grabs the attention of the surfer and then the form with just 2 text fields (Name and email address) below.

I highly recommend using ClickFunnels to build your squeeze page. Extremely simple drag and drop funnel builder that doesn’t require any tech skills.

4. Test Before Buying

In order to prevent any mistake on your part, you need to test everything before going ahead to pay for any clicks. What should you test? Be sure your squeeze page is viewable and okay on your Smartphone, cell phone, or computer as well as on Skype and different browsers. Also, get a few friends to test it from their own ends. Try opting in to your squeeze page too to be sure it really works. If you are satisfied that everything works, then you should go ahead and buy.

5. Where To Buy Your Clicks

Having set up everything, the next step is to get a seller to buy your clicks from. Now go to Udimi, the most popular solo ad marketplace to get a reliable seller. Before you buy, make sure you explore the site and see how things are done. Look at different sellers and the various click packages that are available. Determine the number of clicks you want and if your budget can afford them.

Find out sellers with great reputation and get in touch with them. Ask as many questions as possible to get your concerns addressed before parting with your hard-earned money. As a rule of thumbs, commence with small amount of packages before upgrading if you are satisfied.

6. Follow Up On Autoresponder

You should follow up with every person that opts into your list with a series of emails that are programmed to automatically go out over a predetermined period of time. The frequency of the email messages is determined by you. This can be daily, once per week, once every month, etc. 

Your messages must tally with what’s on the squeeze page where they opted in. If your squeeze page is about dog food, then your follow-up message must also be related to that if you really want them to convert effectively.

7. Analyze Results

Analyzing everything will enable you to know if things have worked well or not. You may not get the best result from the outset but it gives you an opportunity to learn and understand what is feasible.

If you notice that you are not getting the expected result, see how you can tweak a few things and watch to see better results come in. If you don’t get any sales after two to four weeks of promoting a particular offer, then think of a different approach.

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