6 Ways To Turn Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Gig

6 Ways To Turn Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Gig

How does someone go from working a data entry job in a cubicle to traveling the world working from their laptop?

Or how does a software engineer become a traveling nomad? How does anyone turn their side hustle ideas into their main hustle?

There is a method to the madness — a process for turning that thing you do on the side into your full-time gig.

Some people are tired of their 9 to 5 jobs and just looking for how to start a side hustle and turn something extra to augment their incomes.

Besides, the global economic recession has forced several people into taking a peep in the direction where there could be additional (or complete replacement) source of revenue.

There are better ways to make your side hustle jobs your main gig instead of wasting your time doing things you hate, or putting all your eggs in one corporate basket.

Here are a few ways to do it:

1. Learning About Internet Marketing

You may derive some satisfaction from doing some “basic” marketing online, but the question is, do you really know what you’re doing and more importantly…is it making you money? If not, it’s better to take a course in internet marketing.

How would this bring about the necessary change you desire? With the right training you can easily scale your business to where it’s really making some serious and reliable income.

Instead of being in a job as an customer service rep and doing internet marketing as your side hustle, training in internet marketing will give you a competitive edge and help you fully move over to where your heart is, even as you re-position yourself to earn bigger.

The absolute fastest way learn internet marketing is to take the 15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge so you have daily accountability and free coaching while you learn how to grow your side hustle with internet marketing.

2. Invest In The Tools You Need

The era of doing things manually is gradually fading away and for you to get the best out of your desired niche, you need to invest in tools that are specifically designed to alleviate the human ways of doing things.

You do not need to be an expert in the “tech stuff” before you can make your side hustle your main gig. You can leverage affordable and easy-to-use tools created specifically for budding entrepreneurs and small businesses . One of such tools is ClickFunnels. It removes all the technical barriers, and gives you everything you need to market, sell and turn your side hustle into a full-time business.

When you’re at a point in the business where things are developing and as a result, your company is growing, it’s worth looking at other tools like a Los Angeles VoIP Provider to help utilize a virtual phone system or business phone to get more out of the business on a daily basis. With the right tools, you can help your small team to save time and effort that could be better spent elsewhere within the company. From call queuing to eFax, taking advantage of these tools can be essential for your company.

3. Finding A Mentor

There is nothing as good as experience. Working in a particular job and at the same time doing a side hustle could turn you to a ‘jack of all trade’ without being an expert in any of the areas. Trying to figure out things on your own may not work either. Sometimes, it takes a longer period to learn the ropes in your area of passion.

Aligning yourself with a mentor makes a whole lot of things easier and faster to achieve. Mentors already made terrible mistakes, corrected themselves and forged ahead to become what they are. The best thing you could do for yourself is to learn from someone with experience who should serve as your mentor and take you by the hands.

However, ensure that you are choosing someone who has passed through your kind of experience and was able to translate his side hustle into his main gig. Such a mentor would easily understand your challenges and advise you based on his personal experience.

4. Save And Reinvest In The Business

To grow your side hustle to it’s maximum potential, you have to save some money and reinvest in the business you are doing in order to lift it to the next level. Consciously setting aside some money for reinvestment will assist in growing your business faster and pull you out of your comfort zone sooner than you expect.

It is important to track your finances and treat your side hustle as a real business. This goes a long way in making you put in more efforts because you are aware that your efforts are yielding handsome rewards. Eventually, you are able to make it your sole and reliable source of livelihood.

Above all, start thinking of money spent as “investments” in your business, and not just expenses.

5. Collaborate With Other Side Hustlers

You cannot downplay the importance of associating and networking with people of like minds. Dreams are easily actualized when shared with people who share the same vision. It is easy for such people to encourage you and see things from your point of view.

If you run into difficulties or don’t know the next steps to take in making your side hustle your main gig, open up to people who share the same opinion and look at things from the same perspective as yourself. They know exactly how to keep you motivated and pushing forward.

6. Learn How To Make The Time

Time is of the essence in whatever we do. You must learn how to manage your time effectively. Carve out more time and dedicate same to your side hustle since that is what you gradually want to make your main gig.

Dedicate lesser time to what currently employs you but does not give you the fulfillment you desire. With time, everything will take shape. If possible, keep a journal or use some time management tools to schedule and manage your time and activities.

Get rid of the things that aren’t moving you closer toward your goal.


Following the above listed steps will make it easy for you to make your side hustle your main gig. But you need to remember that moving from your current 9 to 5 jobs to finally make your past time job your source of livelihood takes time, focus, energy, some learning curves, a side hustle mentor, investment in self, and true hustle to become a reality.

However, it is an achievable feat.

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