3 Ways Small Businesses Can Stay Connected To Clients While Working Remotely

3 Ways Small Businesses Can Stay Connected To Clients While Working Remotely

While generating leads is a good thing for small businesses, keeping these clients around is even more beneficial. With remote work becoming the order of the day, the old way of doing things has changed. To stay relevant in your industry, you would have to do everything you can to let your customers know you’re still on top of your game. So to help you out, here are a few ways to ensure that you stay connected with your clients, regardless of the fact that your business is now running remotely.

1. Let them hear from you

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With social distancing and stay at home protocols, in-person visits to the office are no longer possible. But that does not mean you shouldn’t communicate with your clients. So, establish effective ways of communicating with them. For example, investing in a small business pbx phone system allows you to stay in touch no matter the time of the day, and at less cost. Always remember to make it clear what times you are available so that your clients do not miss you during those times. Establishing a clear work schedule will also prevent your staff from getting burnt out while working from home so that they can serve your customers better. Where necessary, train your staff on how to communicate with clients while working remotely.

2. Strengthen your social media presence

The chances are that your customers are familiar with social media and how it works. So take advantage of this and put a little more effort into establishing your business’ online presence. Facebook and Instagram are good places to start, making sure to be consistent. You can also start a YouTube channel to update your clients on your activities, showing them projects you have been up to or just giving advice. Engage them in discussion in the comment section on these platforms to have an idea of what they are interested in. It is a great way to get into the minds of your clients about how you can serve them better. While you’re at it, be sure to stay in tune with the times and seasons so that your content is relevant to your audience. Try not to overdo it too so that it doesn’t become overbearing.

3. Host an event online

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With everybody staying indoors, the days are flying by, and most people are beginning to lose track. So, one way you can use this to your advantage is to give your customers something to look forward to. Instead of having a quiet product launch, why not host the event online where you converge with your clients and make them a part of it. You can also host an online Q&A session where you answer your customers’ pressing questions. There are many apps that could be used for this, including zoom and google hangouts. 

Your clients form a crucial part of the business, and so you should take how you treat them very seriously. Staying safe doesn’t mean disconnecting, and outlined above are a few ways to let your clients know you’re still around.

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