3 Ways Email Marketing Automation Can Help Your Business Grow

3 Ways Email Marketing Automation Can Help Your Business Grow

Automation is everywhere these days and has been in use by many sectors for decades. Most notably, the automotive industry, which uses process automation to build cars, and pharmaceuticals that use automated tablet pressing or coating machines for their medicines, but these are multi-million dollar pieces of equipment that require expert knowledge.

You probably don’t run a multi-billion dollar car or drug company but whether you are a small, medium, or large business, you can benefit from the amazing results that simple email automation has to offer. The beauty of email marketing automation is that once it is configured, you don’t need to do much else and the system works while you sleep. 

There are a few great email automation apps such as MailChimp, OptInMonster, and HubSpot, all of which offer several great features including:

  • Saving Time by Performing Repetitive Tasks
  • Sending the Right Info to the Right Clients
  • A High ROI

A form of machine learning AI, performing repetitive tasks is one of the key features of email marketing automation that frees you to do more important things while custom email marketing lists make sure only the most relevant clients receive nexessary information and the marketing statistics of automation far outweigh the initial costs. 

Leave the Grunt Work to the Machine

The primary reason for the invention of automation was to perform repeatable tasks from repeated input with a desired outcome. This is the most basic form of machine learning or AI, and once configured will save you an immense amount of time and resources, whether you run a small store selling vehicle fuels and lubricants or operate a large online dropshipping enterprise.

Not only can email lists be created in order to send out clients at specific times or dates, but automation can include reading emails as well. AI and machine learning software can extract, sort, and categorize data from recipient responses or identify patterns that can calculate a potential client’s probability of becoming a repeat customer and automatically reply to queries.

Relevant Information to Necessary Clients

Email automation can also be used to ensure that the necessary clients receive the necessary information. By creating custom email lists you can sort and centralize clients into specific key identifiers so that newsletters, offers, and promotions only reach those who are likely to pursue them; it’s no good sending this week’s dollhouse collection offer to a repeat client who runs a computer hardware store.

Automated emails to the right people work by using what is known as segmentation. With segmentation, you use your existing and expanding email contacts database to highlight and categorize recipients, and then segment them into groups that will receive different newsletters. For example, you need only to send game console promotions to gaming clients.

Earning Potential Far Outweighs Subscription Fees

As a business owner though, you will only be interested in what email marketing can actually do for you. In the simplest terms, time is money and email marketing automation will save you a lot of time, especially when used in conjunction with AI and machine learning. But what of the actual upfront costs and returns?

Most email automation apps are relatively cheap with low fee subscription plans and tiers to suit all business sizes. OptInMonster, for example, starts at $9 per month for a basic package, up to $49 per month for a full package that only the largest of corporations are likely to use. However, emails receive an average click-through rate of 119% with an increase of 60% in conversions, equating to an average revenue boost of 13% with automated welcome emails alone.

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