3 Tips for Starting an Artisanal Woodworking Business

3 Tips for Starting an Artisanal Woodworking Business

The age-old profession of carpentry and woodworking dates back to before the times of Christ and the man himself is thought of as an artisanal woodworker of renown, although some think the translation of the world “tecton” could also mean stoneworker that is one for the scholars to discuss.

Theology aside, the art of working with wood is still a profitable business even in 2021 and highly skilled woodworkers, carpenters, and joiners can earn good money by creating products of beauty that can last a lifetime. Because of this, finely crafting wooden items can fetch a good price but only if you know how to do it properly:

  • Tool up.
  • Find a niche. 
  • Corner the market.

With the right tools as a skilled woodworker, you can craft your own items to sell in a shop but you could also sell others’ creations and charge commission or you could do freelance work earning a living by charging by the hour.

Tools of the Trade

Having the right tools for any job is absolutely essential and woodworking is no different. Many artisanal crafters can create beautiful works by hand but some items will require machinery such as a lathe for tricky symmetrical items.

The basic tools needed consist of power saws and hand saws, sanders, set squares, and of course a workbench. The best advice would be to make sure to get high-quality, wear-resistant tools such as those made from a tungsten carbide wear plate in order to ensure longevity and quality when working with materials.

Trending Niches

Once you have found the right tools that you are comfortable with, then the next step is to do some research on what is currently trending in the world of woodworking. Most woodworkers create such items as wooden bowls, toys and shelving but these can all be purchased anywhere thanks to mass production.

Finding a niche market would be a good way to go by crafting unique items such as vintage cars for children, one-of-a-kind desks, or intuitive storage solutions. There’s really not much of a limit on what is possible, only your imagination and skill are the key factors here.

Modern Day Marketing

Once you have settled on what you actually want to do, you will need to market yourself. This isn’t as difficult as it sounds but will require some investment.

Today’s commercial world requires an online presence and luckily there are tons of website providers that can develop and host your website for a relatively small fee. Companies like GoDaddy, Squarespace, and Network Solutions provide website building platforms with excellent templates so you don’t need any programming or graphic design experience to build a site.

Social media is also an excellent way to get yourself recognized. As well as being an excellent word of mouth source, it’s also possible to connect with people, engage with customers and actively gauge what people think of you.

Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn also provide extra features for businesses such as targeted advertising and professional network building so your business is seen by those who will value it most.

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