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How does someone go from working a data entry job in a cubicle to traveling the world working from their laptop?

Or how does a software engineer become a traveling nomad? How does anyone turn their side hustle ideas into their main hustle?

There are better ways to make your side hustle jobs your main gig instead of wasting your time doing things you hate, or putting all your eggs in one corporate basket.

Why is it so challenging to generate qualified leads to your business? There are a couple of good reasons.

First, your business could provide a service that many other people offer, which inherently will cause a lot competition. Something like personal training or accounting.

And since many other businesses provide these same services, you find yourself competing for the attention of every customer out there.

A sales funnel can be imagined like a funnel for customers. You start out with a broad opening to capture as many leads as possible and then you gradually narrow those leads down to only the most engaged and interested customers so that you can sell to them.

All the while, you’ll be building trust, building engagement and priming them ready to make a sale.


Do you ever feel overwhelmed when you think about the technical side of setting up a webinar, website, or online course? Are the email sequences, landing pages, and automations blurring your vision and keeping you from more revenue? Is not having these things putting you further behind as you try to juggle a busy life with other responsibilities?

Do you wish you could focus on what matters most to you and all the details would fall into place?

The good news is you are not alone. I’m here to help!

Hi! I’m Marquiste Boyce, a digital marketer and tech coach. I help new entrepreneurs grow their business using marketing automation and sales funnels, without being overwhelmed by technology.

If you’re tired of the confusion and technical overwhelm holding you back…you’re in the right place!

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